MHM MEDIA GROUP IS A COMPANY DEDICATED TO CONNECTING FANS WITH THEIR HEROES. We host events, Manage talent and produce engaging content with your sporting heros that fans love!

MHM Media Group are a leading sports events & entertainment company dedicated to connecting the fans with their heroes.

MHM Media Group are working with some of the biggest names in sport, bringing the true legends of the game to unique events near you.

Fans can expect interactive Q&A sessions, special VIP experiences, the chance to get their hands on exclusive and personalised memorabilia as well as the opportunity to meet their heroes face to face.

Get the opportunity to spend time off the pitch with the stars from on the pitch.

MHM Media Group was founded by Michael Hall McPherson in 2016. Building on his experience in sports management and professional events production, Michael set out with the goal of giving fans truly unique experiences with some of footballs all time greats that more often than not are unreachable. Being a huge football fan himself, he understands just how much the clubs and players mean to their fans. But on the flip side, having worked with the players and the clubs extensively as a manager and agent, Michael understands just how much the fans mean to the players so it just made perfect sense to try and connect them in a more personal and unique way.

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