As we enter a second national lockdown I wanted to reach out to you all to thank you for your support and say our thoughts have been and continue to be with you throughout these difficult times.

I know these measures will leave lots of us feeling like we’re back to square one and with understandable worries about their personal and professional safety, we too have shared those reservations… but for what it’s worth I want to stress to you all that our sacrifices have not been wasteful and I really believe that we’re now in fact on the homeward straight to our not ‘new normal’ but normal lives.

All of our shows are now rearranged for 2021 onwards and although there is still some uncertainty I feel confident that we will have very little and if not no more disruption to our future schedule.

Our objective at MHM has always been to deliver incredible and unique experiences, connecting the fans with their heroes and leaving people with lasting great memories and when it’s safe and possible we will continue to do just that!

Once again thank you for your continued support, we wish you all the strength and positivity needed to get through the coming weeks and many more happy days after that.

We WILL see you soon!

Michael Hall Mcpherson
Managing Director
MHM Media Group